September 2016 DownBeat Editors’ Pick, “Resolution” featuring Anat Cohen, Dave Liebman, Tiger Okoshi and Antonio Sanchez is out!

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Mehmet Ali Sanlıkol & Whatsnext? just released their new jazz orchestra album featuring guest artists Anat Cohen, Dave Liebman, Tiger Okoshi and Antonio Sanchez. Whatsnext? performs Sanlıkol’s compositions which seek to create a sophisticated and cosmopolitan synthesis incorporating elements of Turkish, European and American musical traditions.

Mehmet Ali Sanlıkol released his critically-acclaimed first album with his unique jazz orchestra/combo, Whatsnext? in 2014. This self-titled album was listed by JAZZIZ among their Top 10 of Critics’ Choice 2014. They are now following up with “Resolution” featuring Anat Cohen, Dave Liebman, Tiger Okoshi and Antonio Sanchez, which is listed at the top of DownBeat magazine’s September 2016 picks. Sanlıkol pairs Turkish instruments such as zurna (double reed wind), ney(end-blown flute), kös (large kettledrums) and nekkare (small kettledrums) with the jazz orchestra/combo to perform his Turkish music-influenced compositions, in which Turkish makam (mode) and usul (rhythmic cycles) are intertwined with contemporary jazz as well as film noir influenced music. Lately, Sanlıkol adds a new discovery to his already eclectic instrumentation: a Continuum Fingerboard, which is a flat-surfaced synthesizer that allows him to play the characteristic Middle Eastern microtones and ornamentations unavailable to him on a standard keyboard.

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